You can tell by looking at .FICA as below.

In versions 7.30 and above go to Payroll, Setup, Define Historical Data Items within the Payroll module.

In versions 7.20 and below sign into Classic Fundware and go to Payroll, Setup, Define Historical Data Items.

  1. Press D)Display, type in .FICA for  Data item.
  2. Press Page Down until you reach field 9. At field 9, you should see lines for table 1 dated for the first day of the new year.
  3. If the new year date does not display, then either the download was not installed, or the steps outlined in the manual were not completed.

If the download itself was installed, the instructions to update the Payroll Data Items will be on the server under Fundware\Data\User Documentation, named Toolbox - Release####A.pdf