?Before attempting to correct and log again, do a Division Backup through Division 00, Division Maintenance.

*Print the error log and discuss the error with Support before proceeding.  
  1. Run a One Line Check List for the current payroll check date. (Report Manager >Payroll -> Predefined Reports -> One Line Check List)
  2. Run an Employee History by Period Report for the current period to see that it agrees with the One Line Check List. (Report Manager >Payroll -> Predefined Reports -> Employee History by Period) 

Proceed to #3 OR #4 below

3.  If all expected employees are on this report, you can:

       A.  Write a manual journal entry to update the general ledger. Use the Check History Detail report to compile this manual journal entry.
       B.  Delete the   ##pya*.*,   ##pyw*.*,   ##pyx*.* and   ##pyy*.* files in your data directory (where  ##  represents your division number).
       C.  Reset the bank status according to the steps below:

  • Select File -> Open FundWare.  Verify that 00 - System Administration appears in the drop down box, click OK.
  • Select System Administration -> System Utilities.
  • Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
    • Program Name: PYL149
    • Switch: 20
    • Parameter is blank
    • The date can be any date
    • Select your division and click Run.

Do a C)Change, enter the bank Short Name (may be a number) and change field 7 Check Run Status to NO. If the Bank Name is unknown, first do a S) to scroll, and hit enter at Bank Name. The Bank designation needed is in the left-most column.


 4.  If all expected employees are NOT on the One Line Check List or if the above steps are not acceptable, you can:

       A.  Void all the checks that appear on the One Line Check List (it is best to void in small batches of 5-10 checks each).

  • Since these original checks never posted to the general ledger (because the logging failed), you must reverse the trace reports created during the void. (General Ledger -> Journal Entries -> Posted->enter the date of the batch, click on Find Now, highlight the batch line, click on Reverse).

      B. Delete the   ##pya*.*,   ##pyw*.*,   ##pyx*.* and   ##pyy*.* files in your data directory (where  ## represents your division number)
      C. Re-enter time sheets and complete the payroll again.  Be sure and do a Division Maintenance backup prior to logging the next time in case there are unforeseen issues causing the logging error(s).