The Blackbaud FundWare FASB Guide explains how to set up the three statements required to be in compliance with FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) Statement 117.  The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Reporting Guide is located in your \FundWare\Data\User Documentation folder, or it can be copied from the Support Website.  There is limited setup information in the General Ledger manual for FASB reports.
The three statements are:
    1. Statement of Financial Position
    2. Statement of Activities
    3. Statement of Cash Flow

The Guide provides you with the following information:
  * How to use attributes.
  * How to use two or three character codes that group accounts.
  * How to create the three reports.
  * Step-by-step instructions on how to define the FASB Statements.
  * Sample reports and examples of the statement formats.
  * Sample classifications of attributes and attribute descriptions.

These reports require extensive setup.
Although they appear on the GL Reporting menu, they will generate a 153 - Subscript Out of Range error if there are no attributes attached to the accounts.  FASB Reports use both the attributes in position 1 and also attributes stored in positions 11 through 15.  If there are no attributes in the accounts in positions 11 - 15,  errors will be generated (i.e. invalid setup error message).

Assistance in setting up these reports can be obtained through Professional Services on a billable basis.