These steps will correct the date of a journal entry in the General Ledger module only.  It will not affect the dates of related transactions in other modules.  If you posted from another module with the wrong business date, you may want to go back to that module to make the correction instead of following this procedure.  For example, if you posted an obligation in accounts payable with the wrong date, you could void the obligation and re-enter it with the correct date.  This way, both Accounts Payable and the General Ledger will have the correct date.

If you have posted a journal entry to the wrong business date:

You will reverse the original trace report (Trace A) under the erroneous date, then reverse the reversal trace report (Trace B) and post it to the correct date (creating Trace C).
  1. Select Edit, Change Business Date. Enter the Business date of the original trace report.
  2. Select General Ledger, Journal Entries, Posted. 
  3. At Date Range, enter the from and to date as the incorrectly posted date (Trace A).
  4. Click Find Now.
  5. Highlight the transaction and click Reverse. 
  6. Enter a description and references, if necessary.
  7. Click OK.  This will reverse the original trace out on the date it was incorrectly posted.
  8. Make a note of the batch number (this creates Trace B).  Trace A and Trace B cancel each other out.
  9. Select Edit, Change Business Date.
  10. Enter the correct business date.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Click Find Now after selecting a Date range on the Posted transaction screen that includes the original and reversed transaction..
  13. Highlight the transaction (Trace B) and click Reverse. 
  14. Enter a description and references, if necessary.
  15. Click OK (this creates Trace C) which will post on the correct date.