Check the error log to determine if there was an interrupted posting that may have caused the loss or corruption of data files.  If this is the case, check with Support to determine what the file contains and if it is critical.

  1. If you recently restored from a backup, verify the integrity of that backup:
    • All FundWare Divisional Data files should be in pairs
      • Example: ##CSK (where ## is your Division number) should be listed int he FundWare\Data directory twice.  Once as ##CSK and once as ##CSK.IDX.  Some systems are set to not show the file extensions; if this is the case you will see 2 files with the same name.  This is true for other ## files and 00 files in the FundWare\Data folder.
    • Search for the file specified in the error message and verify it is part of a pair.
  • If the data file for the pair is missing, a restore from a backup will be required.  Contact Support to determine what files will need to be restored.
  • If the index file is missing, rebuild (BB710448) or MFTOSQ (BB710434) the data file.
  1. Verify FundWare directories and files have read, write and sharable settings:    
    • Right-click on the file or folder that is specified in the error in your FundWare\Data folder.
    • Verify the Read Only attribute is not selected.  It is possible that the Read Only attribute might be set when restoring to a backup from a CD where the files were set to Read Only as part of the CD copy process. 
  2. Verify the user has rights to access all FundWare files in the security set up for the network and that the user has suitable rights set up in the security profile for the FundWare application.