Before proceeding, verify the problem is truly an interrupted posting and that no other file damage has occurred by reviewing the entire error report.  The errors should be on a General Ledger file (##CS*.*) to continue with this process successfully.  If the error occurred at the sub-module level (Accounts Payable or Payroll) you most likely will need to restore from backup or recover from within that module. 
ALWAYS restore to a backup copy of your database if you are in doubt about file damage.  Also, consider restoring if the entry is very large or if very little work has been done since the last backup was created.  Restoring to a backup is generally the best/safest solution, but depends on the timing of when the out of balance occurred.  It may also be the quickest solution if the procedures below will take very much time.
1.       Run the Standard Trial Balance (TRBAL), selecting all accounts, for the month-end of the month in which the interrupted entry posted.  It should be out of balance consistent with the interrupted entry (check the debits vs credits at the very end of the report).
2.       Run the Standard Ledger Report (LEDGR) for all accounts for the end of the month in question with the same date(s) the Standard Trial Balance was run.  At the bottom of the report you should see the same figure that the Trial Balance was out by.  If the out of balance condition is different on the 2 reports, it is the Standard Ledger Report (LEDGR) that should match the out of balance trace in the next step.
3.       Run a Transaction Log starting with the month the error occurred and for all batches; check for missing batch numbers and out-of- balance transactions (other than budget and Project Grant entries).  The only out-of-balance batch should be the one that was interrupted and the debit and credit amounts of that entry should be reasonable. If you do not find a trace report (or reports) that agree with the out of balance amount, you will have to research back to earlier dates and determine when your ledger or trial balance first did not balance.
4.       Reprint the trace report for the interrupted entry.   If this batch originated from another module, ie: Accounts Payable - check that all items posted correctly on the other module.

If any one of the above procedures does not check out correctly, restore from backup or call Support for additional guidance.  If restoring from backup is not a reasonable possibility, the files may have to be brought in to Blackbaud FundWare to be repaired. This may be a billable service.

To reverse the out-of-balance trace:
1.       Sign into FundWare with the Trace Report's business date
2.       From the menu bar, select File > Open FundWare> Select Division 00 System Administration > Select the Business date of the out of balance trace > Click OK. The System Administration (00) Window will display.
3.       From the menu bar, select > System Administration > System Utilities. Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
Program Name                 CST360
Switches          80
Parameters          <leave blank>
Business Date          Use the appropriate business date.
Division                      Select the appropriate division.

Click Run.

Press enter 3 times to get past the date, and enter the batch number.
Are your entries correct?   Y)es
Date:                     Business date of entry (the date of the out of balance batch)
Batch number:     Transaction number of entry
Description:          Reverse interrupted batch ____.  Be sure to include the batch number in the description
References:                Optional

Verify the new trace report created shows debits and credits exactly the opposite amounts as the debits and credits in the original interrupted out-of-balance trace report, so as to cancel each other out.  If they do not cancel each other out, do NOT continue reversing entries, as it will not correct without support assistance.

4.       Re-enter the batch through a general journal entry with all correct items included, but DO NOT enter the automatic due to/from's.  The system will do this as usual.  Use a description on this entry that will leave a clear audit trail.
5.       If the Ledger report and the trial balance did not agree, than you must run the following program. This program will make the trial balance agree with the figures as seen on the ledger.
From the menu bar, select > System Administration > System Utilities.

Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
     Program:                 CST900
     Switch:                   <blank>
     Parameter:              CST901
     Business Date           Use today's date
     Division                Select the appropriate division.

Click Run.  Run this program for any ID Types involved in the out of balance trace. In the first date, use the first day of the fiscal year in which the error happened and put 99/99/9999 in the last date.
You will be returned to the System Utilities window when the program is done. 

6.       Run the Trial Balance and Ledger as above, both should be in balance and the account balances should be correct.