To clear AP flags:

  1. Open Division 00 - System Administration.
  2. Allow the business date to default to today's date.
  3. Click OK.
  4. No one should be in Accounts Payable.
  5. On the menu bar, select Division Maintenance.
  6. Highlight the division needed and click Clear AP Flags.
  7. If you receive the following message: "No in-use flags were found for Division ## (where ## is your division number), No exception report was created", then any obligations that were erroneously flagged as "In Use" will now be visible in the appropriate stage folder.
  8. If you receive the message: "No in-use flags were cleared for Division ##. An exception report OTFLAG has been created", go to the OTFLAG.L## report found in Print Manager to review the obligations that are in the pending folders. To post these obligations, you must log in as the user who is listed as posting them on the OTFLAG report. Only the user who posted them will see the obligations and can process them further. Post or Remove the obligations before continuing.
  9. If the user who posted the obligations is not available, it may be necessary to have someone with security access modify the password of the user and then log into Fundware as that user.
  10. Repeat the Clear AP Flags process until no OTFLAG report is generated.