Raising or Lowering an Individual Unit Price
If a change is made to an individual unit price in the "Prices" tab of The Raiser's Edge, for example: raising or lowering the price of a specific unit, these price changes are automatically updated in the associated Event Registration Form in Blackbaud NetCommunity.

Adding a New Unit to an Event Registration Page
If a new unit is added within The Raiser's Edge "Prices" tab, this change will not be visible on the website until the "Include" box is checked under the "Pricing Options" is checked off, and you must make the "Participants/Unit" to a value greater than Zero.
See how to add a new event price unit (including free option) to an event registration form for more information.
Note: if the Event price options doesn't show automatically when editing the event part, please refer to Event Registration Form not showing any or incorrect Event price options in NetCommunity. You may need to remove the event and add it back to the part.

Changing the order of units
How to sort pricing options on an Event Registration Form