1. In Payroll, go to Setup, Historical Data Items.
  2. Press 'C' to change (or 'D' to display).
  3. Select Field 3.
  4. Change the 'Calc Cycle' entry to the desired cycle.  Some data items, like FICA and Federal Withholding, don't have a calc cycle because they always calculate.  Their calc cycle is set to Y - Calculation always used. 

    You can decide the groupings you want and assign the calc cycle number as you desire.  For example, you may always want to deduct health insurance and dental insurance on the first paycheck only.  You could group these into calc cycle "1".  In field 3 of these data items, set them to be in calc cycle 1.  Then, when you produce checks on the first of the month, calculate calc cycle 1.  However, when you produce checks on the 15th, don't include the calc cycle 1 (and health & dental will not be deducted.)

    You might have another deduction that only comes out once a quarter, for example "funeral flowers fund".  You could create calc cycle 8 for this, add 8 to the flower HDI, and then on July 1 you would produce checks with calc cycle 1 for health & dental, and calc cycle 8 for flowers. There is nothing to "set up" to create a calc cycle grouping, other that typing the number into field 3 of the HDI.