Make a back up of the division.

Run a summary Historical Data Item List.

  1. Open an instance FundWare.
  2. Select Report Manager.
  3. Select the Payroll module.
  4. At Report Category, select Master Records List.
  5. Highlight the report named PYITEMH - Historical Data Items List.
  6. Click Produce.
  7. At Report Level, select Summary.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Using this report, review the column labeled "Roll".
  10. Verify the Roll Forward flag is set correctly on all Historical Data Items.  
  11. Typically, accruals such as vacation earned are rolled forward to be used as the beginning balance in the new year.
    .An N indicates it will not roll.
    .An H indicates it will roll hours.
    .An A indicates it will roll amounts.
    .A B indicates it will roll all fields.
  12. If you need to see a limit associated with any of the rolls, run this report using Detail.
  13. If data items are not set correctly, you will need to update the roll forward option.
  14. Select Payroll, Setup, Historical Data Items.
  15. Type 'C' to Change.
  16. At Data Item, type the name of the data item that needs updating.
  17. At Enter field to be changed, type: 5
  18. Press ENTER.
  19. At Roll forward, make the appropriate change.
Roll Balances Forward:
  1. In Payroll, select Processing, Periodic Processing, Roll Balances Forward.
  2. At "Roll to Year", the appropriate year will display, press Enter.
  3. The PYRLOVR.L## report will be created (where ## is your division number).
  4. Verify the balance rolled forward properly.

Click here to watch a video on rolling Payroll balances forward.

**Additional Roll Forward information**

This task is used at year end to roll forward hours, units or amounts to the next year.  it is commonly used to carry forward accrued sick or vacation hours.
The Roll Forward field in the Historical Data Item must be defined to allow balances to roll forward.
Roll forward defines whether hours/units, amounts or both can be carried forward.
The Hours limit and Amount limit fields indicate whether there is a maximum number of hours/units or a maximum amount that can be rolled forward.
This task does not post to your Financial Reporting System.
It changes the Active year to the year to which balances are rolled and rolls the balances to a system-maintained beginning balance period.
If balances are rolled forward to the same year a second time, only net changes to the hours or amounts already rolled forward are recorded. Balances must be rolled forward before the first payroll of the new year is run.
If you received this error in the middle of a payroll, you must calculate the net pay. Even if you have already performed this task, Payroll must be recalculated.
Any calculations performed prior to rolling balances and updating the toolbox is based on prior YTD balances and possibly outdated limits and rates.
You may wish to refer to additional year end documents such as Payroll Toolbox FAQs.