This function may be used to place a vendor on hold when they are not active but you do not want to purge the vendor information.

     1.  In Accounts Payable, select Maintenance / Vendors
     2.  Double click the vendor you with to de-activate.
     3.  Select the Vendor Data Items tab.
     4.  Click 'New'.
     5.  Select .VHOLD from the Data Item drop down list.
     6.  Select Y=On Hold from the Value drop down list.
     7.  Click Apply to save, or click OK to save and close the record.

When a vendor is in .VHOLD status you may not:

     1.  Add new obligations.
     2.  Mark for pay.
     3.  Transfer existing obligations for that vendor.

However, you may:

     1.  Cancel an obligation.
     2.  Produce checks for obligations already marked for pay.
     3.  Reconcile checks for the vendor.