Note: Before following the steps below ensure the constituent records already exist in ResearchPoint. Also ensure the import file has the Lookup ID and Last Name for the existing record. These fields are used to update records in ResearchPoint.

If the attribute does not already exist in ResearchPoint, create the attribute (BB700995) before following the steps below.

Create the Batch Template for the Import:
  1. Go to Administration > Batch Entry > Batch Templates and click Add
  2. Name the Batch and for the Workflow Name, choose Constituent Update Batch
  3. Go to the Select Fields and Defaults tab and add the fields to the batch template. To find the attribute added above, expand Constituent Attributes, select the desired one, and move it to the Selected Fields side of the window
  4. Finish the Batch Template wizard and click Save
Import the Attribute:
  1. Go to Administration > Import and click Add
  2. Name the import and choose the file to use to import
  3. Choose the Batch Template created above
  4. Map the fields for Lookup ID and the Attributes
  5. Click Save and close the Import
  6. Highlight the import and then click Start Process
Commit the Batch:
  1. When the process is complete, go to Administration > Batch Entry
  2. Highlight the new uncommitted batch created from the import process and click Commit
  3. Mark the appropriate boxes (for validating, creating a batch of exceptions, or creating a selection) and then Start