To create a new date table:

1. Click Maintenance > Date Tables on the module navigator (if the module is not expanded, click General Ledger first) or select General Ledger > Maintenance > Date Tables from the menu bar. The Date Tables window displays.
2. Click New. The Add New Date Table window displays.
3. Select the ID type for the new date table from the ID Type drop-down list.
4. From the Adjustments drop-down list, select the number of periods following the close of the fiscal year that you can post audit and year-end adjustments.
5. Select the Next Year or Previous Year radio button in the Add Date Table For section to indicate to which year you are adding the date table.

Note: If you select Next Year, the first day of the new date table is the day after the last year end of existing date tables. If you select Previous Year, FundWare creates a date table prior to the earliest date table in the system.
6. Click OK. The date table and associated detail date periods are added.

Demo Image  Watch the Demo

Note: Because the year-end processing will roll balances into all open years, we recommend adding date tables only as needed.