1. Log into FundWare.
  2. Click Help on the File Menu.
  3. Click About Blackbaud FundWare.
  4. The FundWare Version is displayed
  1. Log into Division 00 of FundWare.
  2. Select the Home Page.
  3. The version is displayed next to each Database Name. Each database should be on the same version.
The naming convention is as follows:

The first 3 numbers, such as 7.40 designate the release number. 
The last 4 numbers following the period designate the Service Pack.  It is the release number, and the Service Pack number, that will be referred to on the Support Website.

Examples:    7.31.2041 is the 7.31 release at Service Pack 2. 
                    7.40.4035 is the 7.40 release at Service Pack 4. 
                    7.40.2034 is the 7.40 release at Service Pack 2
                    7.50.0070 has no Service Pack.