To identify the oldest sibling using an attribute:

1. Create an attribute to track which sibling is the oldest
2. In Configuration, click Attributes
3. Highlight student record type
4. In the Attributes grid, enter Is oldest sibling?
5. In the Data Type, select Yes/No from the drop down
6. Apply to student records, under the Attributes tab
7. Save and Close
8. Create a student query based on the attribute


To create a query of the oldest siblings:

1. Create a student query.
2. On the Criteria tab, select the appropriate filters such as current status.
3. On the Output tab, select Student, Bio 1, Full/Organization Name.
4. On the Sort tab, select Student, Bio 2, Birth Information, Age (Descending).
5. Run and save the query.
6. In Mail, select Labels and Envelopes, Labels, and create a new label parameter.
7. Create labels for: Student Relationships.
8. Mark the option to create an output query of students.
9. On the Fields to Include tab, select Student Name.
10. On the Filters tab, filter on the query of students created in step 1.
11. On the Relationship Filters tab, filter on mother and father.
12. On the Format tab, select Detail. Mark the options to Combine labels for spouse pairs and Combine labels for students with the same related records.
13. Also on the Format tab, select Sort. Sort by Query (Ascending).
14. Preview the labels to create the query of oldest siblings.

Note: In Student Billing, create a record query instead of a student query and sort in descending order by current grade.