1.   Verify you have a current backup of your division.
2.   Have all users sign out of the Payroll Module.

3.  Launch Windows Explorer:
     a.  Browse to the FundWare\Data folder.
     b.  Delete the AFWEmpInq.mdb file. This file will be recreated when you reopen GUI / Windows Payroll.
     c.  Browse to the FundWare\7.x\Bin folder
     d.  Double-click PycEmpInqUtil.exe to synch the employees from Classic to Windows.
     e.  The program will prompt you for a division number.
     f.   You must run (double-click to execute) the PycEmpInqUtil program for every division in which you process payroll.
     g.  Browse to the FundWare\Data folder.
     h.  Delete the ##PYI.* files (where ## is the appropriate division number).  This file will be recreated in the next step.

4.  Open FundWare and select Division 00-System Administration with today's business date.
5.  Select System Administration > System Utilities.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
          Program Name             PYL902
          Switches                 <leave blank>
          Parameters               <leave blank>
          Business Date            Use today's date
          Division                 Select the appropriate division

6.  Click Run.
7. Log back into the division using Payroll and verify GUI windows contain the correct information.