Verify that no other program is using the file (i/e Print Manager, another user, virus scan).
Note: if the file appears to be locked in error, try rebooting the server.

1.  If you are on a network, all files in the FundWare DATA directory must be sharable for all FundWare users. Please have your Systems Administrator verify this.
2.  If the error message received is on the SYA#### file, where #### represents your TTY number, grant full rights to all FundWare users for all FundWare directories.
3.  This error message could occur if someone is in FundWare while a backup is being performed on your FundWare files. All users should be logged out of FundWare prior to beginning a backup.
4. Incremental backup systems or real-time replication server backups could cause 9065 errors.  These types of backup systems are not supported, and the Fundware\Data folder should be excluded from them. 

If the error occurs on a TP file:

1.  Delete the TP files:
     a.  Launch Windows Explorer.
     b.  Browse to the FundWare\Data folder.
     c.  Right click the Data folder and select Search.
     d.  At Search for files or folders named, type tp*.*.
     e.  Click Search Now.
     f.   Delete the files that are found.

2.  Determine whether a virus protector may have been installed on your network. FundWare has seen difficulty coexisting with virus protection software that scans files as they are created or accessed. Several software packages have been known to lock FundWare out of its temporary files. Changing the anti-virus settings to scan at boot up or boot up and shutdown or others like scan new incoming email, etc., but not background scan helps reduce file lock errors. It's a good Idea to have your systems person or consultant change the anti-virus settings.

3.  Verify that each workstation has a unique TTY number. The TTY number should start with Ø, be four numbers in length, and should not be all 0's (e.g. Ø213). Troubleshoot by your version listed below:

Version 7.X uses a registry entry to store a StationID which in turn generates valid TTY numbers. The registry entry should be different because FundWare looks at certain numbers within the registry and calculates a random number.

     1.  Select Start, Run.
     2.  At Open, type RegEdit.
     3.  Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> FundWare.
     4.  Highlight the 7.X folder.
     5.  On the right hand side are the registry entries.
     6.  At StationID, you 3 digit number is present with double quotes, i.e. "391".
     7.  This is where the TTY (line number) is found. The system adds a digit in front of this number for each session so you would see line numbers 1391, 2391.
     8.  The StationID numbers MUST be unique. They MUST be 3 digits.
          Note:  If a change is necessary, highlight StationID and right click to get the menu.
     9.  Click Modify.
     10. Enter the new value as a whole number; don't enter the " (quotation) signs.