If you are not comfortable working in a DOS prompt then you may want a member of your IT staff to perform the following steps.

1. Have all users log out of Fundware.
2. Open the DOS prompt on the workstation by clicking Start > Run and typing CMD in the Open field.
3. Type cd C:\ at the DOS prompt.  If Fundware is located on a drive other than C, then change this variable to the drive letter where it is located.
4.  Type osql -E next to the DOS prompt and press enter.
5.  Enter the following variables into the numbered fields as shown.

1>        Use AFWCore
2>        go
1>        delete from central
2>        update instance set instanceid=2
3>        go

1>        exit


You should receive a message stating <#### rows affected>  several times.  You will then be able to dispose of the Asset.