1. In Student Billing, navigate to Configuration, Billing Cycles.
  2. Select the current Billing Cycle and then click copy from
  3. Select appropriate Billing Years to copy to from in the drop-down menu or type a new Billing Year in the 'copy to' field.
  4. Ensure that desired options (application restrictions, product and billing items and bill codes) are checked.
  5. Click Copy Now.
Note: If choosing to copy bill codes, they will be copied on all student records that have bill codes that are associated with the billing cycle being copied to the billing cycle being created.  For example, if a student has bill code A associated with the 2010-11 school year and the 2010-11 billing cycle is being copied to the 2011-12 billing cycle, bill code A will be added to the student's record for the 2011-12 billing cycle. If the advance deposit is not associated with a bill cycle it will not copy over. Please reference How to Copy Products and Billing Item in Student Billing 7