Check each of the following as possible causes:

  • The incorrect bank is selected on the Banks page.  On the Banks page, ensure that the correct bank is listed in the Select a bank account: field.
  • The bank register is being filtered to exclude the check.
    1. In Banks, click Open Register under General Tasks.
    2. Click on Show all transactions in the drop down box and Select Filters to the rights.
    3. Within filters, click on Reset Filters to Show All Transactions.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Press F5 on the keyboard to refresh the bank register.
  • The check has been purged.  Purged checks do not appear in the bank register.  Once a check has been purged, the record is removed from the database and it is not possible to get a report on this information.  
  • If the check was created within another module (Student Billing, Accounts Receivable, etc.)  ensure the user has rights to that module within Bank security in their Security Group.