Once a transaction has been reconciled the record cannot be edited. 

If the transaction was reconciled with a Not Yet Posted status, the items will post next time you post to General Ledger.

If the transaction was reconciled with a Do Not Post status, the item will not post to General Ledger. The post status cannot be changed once the item has been reconciled and with therefore never show in the General Ledger, since reconciled transactions cannot be edited.

If the transaction was reconciled with a Do Not Post status and it does need to show in the General Ledger, you will need to create a manual journal entry to record it. We do not want the manual journal entry to create a bank adjustment in the bank register so first you will need to check the business rule to make sure that you will be able to change this option.

1.     In Configuration, select Business rules.
2.     Under Journal entry, mark the checkbox to ‘Allow journal entries to cash accounts without adjusting the bank register’
3.     Create a manual journal entry.
4.     Unmark the checkbox next to ‘Create bank adjustments when posting to a bank's cash account’
5.     Save the batch and post once you are ready.

For more information on creating a manual journal entry, click here.