1. In the General Ledger module, Click Query, New.
  2. Select Transaction for the Query type and Dynamic for the Query format.
  3. Click OK
  4. On the Criteria tab, select:
    1. Batch, Blackbaud System, and select equals General Ledger
      Note: This option is only available in version 7.75 or higher. How to update The Financial Edge
    2. Account Distribution, Account, and select equals and type in the account
    3. Account Distribution, Account Segments, Account Code, and select equals and type in the account code.
  5. On the Output tab, select the appropriate fields
  6. Select the Results tab

Note: If you are on a version lower than 7.75 you may use the following selection: Transactions, Journal, and select equals Journal Entry (or equivalent journal code in your system). Please note that this selection does not guarantee that it will pull any or all manual Journal Entries as journal codes can be edited.