Unmark the relationship to be included as a spouse pair:

  1. Open the Father's or Mother's record in the education software.
  2. Select the Relationships tab and unmark the Spouse checkbox on the ex-spouse's row.
  3. Save and close the record.

The next time Synchronization runs, the spouse will automatically be changed from a non-constituent to a constituent.  This assumes that in Integration, Set up Integration with The Raiser's Edge, Student Relationships, you have Mother and Father both included in the Relationship types under the grid for Personal relations that meet the following criteria will be added as Raiser's Edge constituents.

NOTE: You may also update the mother's relationship to the father from Wife to Ex-Wife (and vice-versa), but this change in relationship type is not going to affect whether or not the Mother (or Father) is added as a constituent or not.