The following options will free up a user license to allow a user to log into the solution:

Click your product below for the steps to find the current number of licenses for your database:


If you are receiving this error as an RENXT client:
You will need to have the unlimited user licenses unlocked.  Please create a case providing the following information:

  • Serial number of your database (can be found from by going to Help > About within the database view)

If your database is located in Blackbaud Hosting Services: 

  • Blackbaud Hosting Services automatically disconnects inactive users from the database after 60 minutes of inactivity, which will free up any database license(s) taken by that user.
  • If you need a user disconnected and Blackbaud hosts your data, Contact Support and reference this article.  

Note: The Connection Viewer in a hosted application may not accurately display the connected users that are using licenses.  For more information, refer to Users are missing in Database Connection Viewer