Note: The Trial Balance Report and General Ledger Report may show different amounts for net asset accounts depending on whether fiscal years are closed or not. The Trial Balance Report only includes the Net Surplus/Deficit (NSD) amount for closed fiscal years, whereas the General Ledger Report shows Income Statement (NSD) effects for periods that are soft closed.

Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved. Preview the report in between each step to verify if it corrected the report.

  1. Verify the net asset accounts are defined for each fund.
    1. In Configuration, Funds. open the fund.
    2. Verify a net asset account is defined.
    3. Open and verify all other funds.
    4. If a net asset account is not defined, define a net asset account.
  2. In Reports, Accounts Reports, open the Trial Balance Report and select Balance for Report Format on the General tab.
  3. On the General tab, unmark the 'Only include accounts from this Chart Template' checkbox
  4. Verify the proper dates are selected
    1. Compare the post date in the Journal Entry or transaction to the date on the General tab of the report.
      Note: For Journal Entries that came from a sub ledger review the source record, and make corrections to the source record.
      For additional information, refer to:
      - How to make check corrections
      - How to adjust invoices
  5. On the General tab, unmark the 'Exclude accounts with zero beginning balances and no activity' checkbox.
  6. Verify the 'Include these transactions with post dates in this range' section has the correct selection (Regular, Encumbrance or Regular and Encumbrance).
  7. On the Filters tab, select None for the Not Yet Posted filter.
    Note: Unposted Journal Entries can be saved out of balance. To include unposted Journal Entries in your Trial Balance validate them, and correct any exceptions.
  8. On the Filters tab, verify the filter settings.
    Note: If Income Statement accounts are not included in the account codes for which the report is being run, the Fund Balance account ending balance will not include the Net Surplus/Deficit from those accounts. It only shows activity that was directly applied to the Fund Balance account.
  9. Compare the Trial Balance Report to the General Ledger Report to check the totals of the individual accounts.
    Note: The Net Asset accounts on the Trial Balance Report may not match the General Ledger Report due to mock closing differences
  10. If Fiscal Years have been optimized and not hard closed, reoptimize the Fiscal Years.
  11. Create a new report parameter. If it balances, delete the old report parameter.
  12. Run the Trial Balance Report with the same report parameters from the same workstation, and a different Financial Edge user name. If it balances, recreate the user name on the machine for the user with the issue.
  13. Run the Trial Balance Report with the same report parameters from a different workstation, and the same Financial Edge user name. If it balances, recreate the Windows user name for the user with the issue.