Administrative users will be logged out of Blackbaud NetCommunity after 15 minutes of inactivity. This was implemented in Blackbaud NetCommunity version 6.10 to fulfill a requirement for PCI compliancy.  As part of this requirement, the timeout cannot be removed or adjusted.  The sessions of non-administrative users are not timed out, so their session remains persistent.  The 15 minute timer is reset by the following actions when logged in as an administrative user:

  • Navigating from one page to another
  • Saving, editing, or creating a part on a page or within the Part Gallery
  • Saving changes made to a page within Administration

In version 6.10, keyboard input within a WYSIWYG editor does not constitute activity that will reset the timer.  Please save your work periodically when working with parts or email messages that require using the text editor in Blackbaud NetCommunity if the edits will take 5 minutes or longer.

In version 6.15 and higher, any keyboard input or button clicks within the WYSIWYG editor will reset the session timeout timer.  Changes will need to be saved within 15 minutes if there is no keyboard activity within the editor or the session will time out.