If the user signs in as a local administrator, the screen will have 3 fields filled out as below:
  1. User Name:   administrator
  2. Password:      the password set on your server for administrator
  3. Log on to:      It is this field that determines whether the user is signing on as the local administrator or signing onto the domain as a domain administrator.

When signing on as local administrator, the drop-down selection will have the name of the server and have (this computer) next to that name, e.g. DNVE6400 (this computer).
When signing on as a domain administrator, there will be another name chosen that multiple people have access to.  It will not have (this computer) next to the name.

If an update appears to be unsuccessful, especially with forms issues at year end, verify that the user is seeing the naming convention as above for the local admin as they are processing the update.