Create a Student Summary Report by Current Status:
  1. Open Reports, Statistical Reports, Student Summary Report.
  2. On the General tab, select Breakdown by Current Status and select the appropriate statuses.
  3. On the Filters tab, select the appropriate student filters.
  4. On the Columns tab, select Columns to display
  5. Click Preview.

Subtract the number of students with progression entries for this academic year from the students with progress from the last academic year:

1. Create a new student query.
2. On the Criteria tab, select the following criteria:
Student, Student Progression, Academic year <equals> the current academic year.
3. Run the query and note the number listed at the bottom of the query.
4. Re-run the query, changing the academic year criteria to the previous year.
5. Note the new number of records.
6. Subtract the number of records in the first query from the number in the second query to find the attrition rate.

Note: If students that are not actually enrolled for the year have a progression entry, the totals will not be accurate.
This process could be repeated using different criteria, such as the status log to determine the number of students that have a particular current status on a specific date.