Use the Table Cleanup utility in Configuration, Tables to replace the value.


Import the ethnicity:
  1. Create a Student Export and select Comma Separated Values as the export format.
  2. On the Filters tab, select the appropriate records to be included.
  3. On the Output tab, select the Student Import ID and Ethnicity fields.
  4. Click Export Now.
  5. Open the .CSV file in Excel.
  6. Use Find and Replace to replace the appropriate value.
  7. Save and close the file.
  8. In Administration, select Import records.
  9. Select Student as the type, select New Import.
  10. On the General tab of the Import:
    • Mark Update existing records.
    • Mark Validate data only.
    • Browse to the .csv file (next to Import file).
    • Select Student Import ID from the drop down menu to match records in the import file with existing records.
    • Mark Delimited - Characters separate the fields.
  11. On the Fields tab of the import, match up the file headers with the Import ID and Ethnicity fields (both are located under the Student header of Available fields).
  12. Click Validate Now.
  13. If there are no exceptions, return to the General tab, unmark Validate Data Only.
  14. Click Import Now.