In the Reference field on a gift record, you can enter up to 255 characters of free-form text information about a gift. For example, you can add “Gift donated to support volunteer dinner.” You can also enter information about stock gifts, such as “40 shares of XYZ Company”. If a reference note is too long to view in the Reference field, you can click the magnifying glass to expand the text box and view the entire message.

When you create certain types of gift records, the program automatically inserts information when the Reference field is blank. For example, when you apply a cash gift record to a pledge, “Ins of 02/05/2018” appears in the Reference field on the cash gift record. This message indicates the gift record is applied to the pledge installment dated 02/05/2018. The following table lists the text automatically inserted in the Reference field for certain gift types.
Gift record type
Pledge Payment*
Ins of {Date of installment on pledge schedule to which the gift is applied}
Ins of 11/11/2017
Matching Gift Pledges and Payments
{Name of constituent who generated the matching gift pledge}
Frank Rubenstien

Automatically generated EFT transactions/payments
EFT {Installment/transaction number}{Frequency}{Scheduled Date of Transaction/Installment}EFT 0001S1/23/2018