Use the Generate NetClassroom ID in Administration to generate User IDs and Passwords for records that are already enrolled but are missing the information.

For future applicants, enter the appropriate relationship in the Relationship tab and set the appropriate relationship types in Business Rules before running the Enroll Applications Wizard.

On the applicant record in Admissions Office:

  1. In Records, click Applicants and open the applicant record.
  2. Select the Relationships tab.
  3. Enter the appropriate Relationship and Reciprocal information for each relationship.
  4. Click Save and Close.

In Registrar's Office, set the Business Rule to automatically generate user IDs and Passwords for relationships:

  1. In Configuration, click Business Rules, and highlight General.
  2. Mark the option to Generate Online user IDs and Passwords for individuals and faculty/staff with the included relationships with students.
  3. Mark the checkbox for each of the appropriate relationships to be included.