Please visit our Idea Bank at  to make a suggestion for a feature request. This is a new service we have started to make the suggestion process more interactive.  It also allows you to track what suggestions may be implemented, and get tentative updates for when suggested functionality may become available.  You can vote for ideas submitted by others, as well as submit ideas of your own.

How to get started:

Notice you can utilize existing accounts for Google or Facebook for login credentials.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Add a new idea
  3. Add a suggestion

You can create a new idea. Just search for the topic and, if no results appear, simply select Create New Idea. The screen on the right will appear. Add a few notes and click Suggest It!

Please note that each login will have limited votes.  This will help Blackbaud prioritize the most important suggestions to be implemented. As we address the highest voted items you will get more votes to put towards other suggestions.