Financial Institutions Data Item Setup:
  1. All users must be logged out of the FundWare Accounts Payable module.  Also ensure you have a backup of your data.  You can create an internal backup in Division Maintenance.
  2. In Financial Institutions, click Maintenance.
  3. Highlight the financial institution to be changed and click Edit.
  4. Select the Account tab.
  5. Click the By Use button in the Associations section.
  6. Highlight your Accounts Payable account and click Edit.
  7. At Data Items Printed on Check Stub, click in either field 1, 2, or 3 to activate a drop-down menu of your organization's obligation references (data items) that are available to be printed on the Accounts Payable check stub.  There are up to 26 references that are available to be setup (reference A through reference Z).  If there are fewer than that in your drop-down menu, you may define additional references from Accounts Payable Obligation Reference Maintenance.
  8. Click OK to save changes.
Changing the data items printed on the check stub in Financial Institutions can necessitate a change to your Check Format setup to adjust the positions and field lengths. Note: Changes to your division's Check Format setup is global; it will affect all Financial Institutions that have an Accounts Payable By Use defined for them.