To purge a vendor, the vendor cannot have invoices at any stage. Use the Purge Paid Invoices function, if necessary.

This task should not be used until all reports and tax forms (1099's and T4's) for the selected vendors have been produced and archived.

To purge inactive vendors:
  1. Create a backup of the division and ensure all users are logged out of Accounts Payable.
  2. Go Accounts Payable. Maintenance, Purge Inactive Vendors.
  3. In field 1, entering 'Y' will produce the preliminary OTVPRG report for the vendors that meet the criteria.  Entering 'N' will delete the inactive vendors meeting the selection criteria and produce the OTVPRG report.  We strongly suggest that your produce a preliminary report and review the selected vendors before purging them permanently from your system.
  4. Select the field on which to you will sort the vendors and press ENTER.
  5. Complete the selection criteria to determine the vendors to be purged. When you have completed all fields, FundWare will display a message at the bottom of the window indication that the selection has been added.
  6. Press ESC to return to the Purge Inactive Vendors screen.
  7. Enter additional selection criteria, if required.
  8. When complete, type E to end the task. They system offers you the chance to return to a field or accept your entries.
  9. Type 0 to accept your entries. 
  10. Type Y to file the purge report OTVPRG, or N to print the report directly to your printer.
  11. In Print Manager, review the OTVPRG report to verify the correct vendors will be purged.
  12. Repeat the purge process above this time entering N for the preliminary report in step 3.
  13. After the inactive vendors have been purged, you must rebuild the OTI files.
To rebuild the OTI files:
  1. Use Windows Explorer or DOS to rename the ##OTI*.* files to xxOTI*.* as a temporary backup.  These files can be deleted once this process is completed.
  2. Sign into Division 00 System Administration.
  3. Select System Utilities, Execute Program and enter the following:
        Program Name: OTS990
        Switches: Leave blank
        Parameters: Leave blank
        Business Date: Use the today's default date    
        Division:  Select the appropriate division
  1. Click Run.
  2. Type 'Y' to or press ENTER to begin the task.  When the task is complete, you will return to the System Utilities window.
  3. Close this instance of FundWare.