To create an Account Payable user-defined report:
  1. In FundWare, go to Report Manager.
  2. Select Accounts Payable as the Module.
  3. For Category, select either User-Defined Vendor Reports, User-Defined Check Reports, or User-Defined Obligation Reports.
  4. Click New.
  5. Enter the report name (up to 5 alphanumeric characters).
  6. Enter the report title (up to 40 alphanumeric characters).
  7. Leave the Report Group field blank. (The ability to group reports is a feature of GL reports, and this functionality may be incorporated into AP in the future.)
  8. Enter the number of lines per page. The default is 60.
  9. Select the applicable radio button to indicate the Report Spacing: Single or Double.
  10. Select the check box for each applicable printing option.
  11. Click the Columns tab.  The Columns tab allows you to define the columns in your report:
    • Calculated Amount—Produces a calculated amount by performing a mathematical action on two existing report columns.
    • Data Item—Allows you to select from any data item defined for the division.
    • Worksheet—Displays a blank column in the report, allowing you space to enter notations as you review the information.
  12. Select the type of information included in the column by clicking one of the three Column Types buttons. The column is added to the display of columns and the fields required for the column are enabled. Note: As you add columns to the report, you can change the column order by simply dragging them to a different position.
  13. Define the column parameters.
  14. Enter the column heading (up to two lines) in the Text Line 1 and Text Line 2 text boxes. The default for Text Line 1 will reflect the column type.
  15. Click Apply to save your changes and remain in the Define window, or click OK to save your changes and return to Report Manager.