1. In Division 00, System Administration, click System Utilities.
  2. Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
    Program Name: PYL006
    Switches: 20
    Parameters: <blank>
    Business Date: <Use today's date>
    Division: Select the appropriate division.
  3. Click Run.
  4. Select C for change mode.
  5. Enter '5' for the Field to be changed.
  6. Press Enter until you reach the Time card section.
  7. Change all values to 0 (zero) for Status, Task Activity and Number Of Users.
  8. Accept changes by pressing Enter. Wait for defaults to be loaded.
  9. Press End and ESC (escape) to return to the Applications Main Menu.
  10. In Payroll/Personnel, click Open, Timesheets and verify that your entries are still there.
  11. Verify and post the timesheets.