Employee History by Period

The Employee History by Period report pulls the amounts from the ##PYJ summary file.  It includes basis amounts and is generally one or two pages per employee.  The report summarizes activity for the period selected.

Click here for instructions on how to run the Employee History by Period report.

One Line Check List

The Payroll One Check Line report pulls figures from the ##PYK Check History Header file. It includes both the system number and the check number (EFTs only have system numbers).   The report also includes a run number and can be run by a date range.  If the report is produced for all banks, it shows dates and employees affected by history entries and roll-forward entries which have a blank bank.

Click here for instructions on how to run the One Line Check List report.

Check History

The Payroll Check History report pulls from the Check History Header and Detail Files, the ##PYK and ##PYL.  It can be run for a date range or bank range.  When run in summary, it is pulling from the Check History Header File, the ##PYK. It is one line per employee and contains the system number, the check number, and the run number.

When run in detail, it is pulling from the Check History Detail file, the ##PYL. This will include the check number only, not the system number.  It has an option to include the GL account number and can substitute for a check register report if it cannot be obtained.  If ALL banks are chosen, it will show the detail of history entries.

The total page can be compared to Employee History by Period when selecting the correct date range.

Click here for instructions on how to run the Check History report.

Account Distribution and Account Distribution by Account

These reports pull from the ##PYK Check History Header file and the ##PYL Check History Detail File.  They can be run with multiple options from very detailed to very summarized and are date range specific. See the Payroll manual or the production screen for the various options.

User Defined Reports

The reports pull from the payroll history summary file, the ##PYJ.  They can include both employee data items and historical data items.