You will need to determine what file and what task the error is being received on, and then perform File Maintenance on the file.  Collect the information from your error log and use it to determine on which file you will perform File Maintenance. 

Pgm:  PYLS221A

The following solution is for this error received during Calculate Net Pay - from the error log Pgm (program): PYLS221A From: PYL221.

1.  Perform File Maintenance on the ##PYX and ##PYY data files (where ## is your division number).

     a.  From the FundWare\7.XX\Bin folder, double-click on FileMaint.exe.
     b.  Click the File name/mask Filter button.
     c.  Type your division's file mask in the Filter field e.g. 96PYX.
     d.  Click Find.

     e.  Click the Back up files to Backup directory icon from the toolbar.
     f.  Click the Reorg files to Results directory icon from the toolbar or select Maintenance -> Reorg to Results directory.

2.  If a Reorg complete comment and no errors are received for each file (both the ##pyy and ##pyx), then click the Copy files from Results directory to Data directory icon from the toolbar or select Maintenance -> Copy Files from Results to Data directory.

If there are errors, you will need to contact Blackbaud FundWare Technical Support.

If the above file maintenance completes with no errors, perform Calculate Net Pay again.  If you receive another error log with the above error, contact Blackbaud FundWare Technical Support for additional assistance.

If you received errors when calculating net pay, and were then able to proceed after File Maintenance, it is a good idea to perform a Division Maintenance Backup prior to logging the checks in case there are further errors.