When a manual check is entered, whether for a new obligation or existing obligation, there are 2 fields on the right of the form, labeled Invoice Date and Date Paid. For a manual check, the user can put in an invoice date that is different than the date paid. If they also override the Date Paid, which defaults to the current business date, that is what will be posted in AP as the Stage Date.

The entire transaction will be posted to GL on the business date the user is on when they enter the transaction.

It is expected that when entering a manual check the user would be signed on to the business date the check was actually written and the Date Paid would not be changed.

When something like this is done, if inquiring on the Obligation in "Display Invoices", the screen for the Paid Stage will show a Date Paid of the manually entered date, and a Last Business date of the true business date the user was on when entering the manual check.

The functionality detailed above is an exception and not normally seen. It only applies to Manual Checks, and most users would not override the "Date Paid".