Registers hold information (units/rates or dollar amounts) that are used in calculations in Historical Data Items.  The Input/Output column indicates if the register is used as input to the calculation, output from the calculation, or both.  The first 10 registers are reserved by FundWare for specific purposes.

There are a total of 40 registers available to be used by a calculation (Register 1 - Register 40).

Register #         Input/Output  Description

1                       Output            Resulting hours

2                       Output            Resulting amount

3                       Input/Out         Basis hours

4                       Input/Out         Basis amount

5                       Input               Current total "earning amount"

6                       Input               Current total "earning hours"

7                       Input               Current total "tax" amount

8                       Input               Current total "deduction amount"

9-10                                         Reserved for future use

To trace what a calculation is doing and how the registers are used, the Payroll Calculation Trace Report in Check Processing can be generated when payroll is at the Calculate Net Pay step.

Note: If there is an error on a calculation when running payroll, this report generates automatically with the name PYCTNE.L##.