The inactivity timeout for any Blackbaud Hosting Services user account can be extended to 12 hours. The extended timeout will for cover all NEW user sessions for 24 hours. Once this timeout extension is activated, users will need to log out of hosting services and login to a new session for the 12 hour inactivity timeout.

To submit a timeout extension request for Blackbaud Hosting Services, please perform the following:

  1. Click Chat with Support and reference this article. 
  2. Provide the hosting username(s) for the account that needs the extension.
Please note this setting cannot be extended on a permanent basis for any hosted application to maintain the security of your database and Blackbaud's systems.

NOTE: We cannot adjust the time out settings for users in the Blackbaud SKY (Azure) environment. This also cannot be applied to profiles in the EU Datacenter.

NOTE: This inactivity timeout adjustment only applies to Blackbaud Hosting Services.  Users can still encounter a timeout within the application itself.  Users will need to login as a non-supervisor account and adjust the timeout settings within the application .