In Blackbaud NetCommunity:
  1. Select Administration
  2. Select Configuration
  3. Complete the fields in the Blackbaud Direct Marketing section of the Configuration page
URL: Location of the Blackbaud Direct Marketing BBNC web service. It should look similar to: https://SERVERNAME/VIRTUALDIRECTORYNAME/bbncsvc/masterservice.asmx
Database ID: ID of the BBDM database. This should match the database name that is selected when logging into Blackbaud Direct Marketing.
Application User: Application User in Blackbaud Direct Marketing that will be used to access Blackbaud Direct Marketing
Application User Password: Password for the Application User account
BBNC Service User: Login used to connect to the Blackbaud NetCommunity web service. This will typically be MailConstructor or something similar.
BBNC Service User Password: Password for the BBNC Service User

In Blackbaud Direct Marketing:

Load the BBNC Integration feature
  1. Select Administration
  2. Select Catalog Browser
  3. Select the Optional Features tab
  4. Select the BBDM node
  5. Highlight NetCommunity Integration
  6. Click Load feature
  7. Select Tools, Refresh Shell Navigation
Configure BBNC URLs
  1. Select the Mailings functional area
  2. Select the NetCommunity integration task
  3. Select the Configure NetCommunity integration task
  4. Enter the NetCommunity URL. This should look similar to: https://WEBSITE/NetCommunity/login.aspx
  5. Enter the PluginService URL: This should look similar to: https://WEBSITE/PlugInService/MasterService.asmx
  6. Click Save
Configure User Mapping (Any BBDM user that will be creating email export definitions or sending emails will need to be mapped to a BBNC account)
  1. From the NetCommunity Integration page, click Add in the User mapping section
  2. Search for the BBDM application user
  3. Enter the user's corresponding BBNC login (note that the BBNC user should be in a role with all email and email template security rights)
  4. Click Save