If the anonymous gift(s) should not be included – only the gifts not marked as anonymous – include a gift query with your report. When running reports in which a donor has one or more gifts marked as anonymous but then also has other gifts that are not marked as anonymous, The Raiser’s Edge will add all of the gifts together. If your report options are set to use ‘Anonymous’ the name will be listed as Anonymous.

For example, Robert Hernandez has one gift of $100 (not marked ‘Anonymous’) and another gift of $600 (marked as ‘Anonymous’ on the Miscellaneous gift tab of the gift record).   On the Donor Category Report, he will still be listed in the over $500 category for both gifts.  If the options for the report are to print anonymous gifts with the name 'Anonymous,' all of Robert's gifts will appear under the name ‘Anonymous’ (i.e., he is not missing from the report).

If you need to have the constituent name appear, change your user options to leave the name intact or to include an asterisk at end of line.