There are multiple scenarios that can cause the F9 totals to not match the totals within The Financial Edge.  Please verify the following items which may contribute to incorrect totals:

1. Is the F9 server open? If this is not open, it may cause cells not to calculate. If it is closed, you may quickly re open it by clicking F9 set up > F9 Company Set up.
2. Are the workbook calculation options in Excel set to Automatic or Manual? If the Automatic radio button is selected, change to manual and calculate by pressing F9 on your keyboard. This setting is located within Excel by clicking File, Options and Formulas. 
3. Be sure not to click until the spreadsheet is 100% finished calculating. Clicking while it is calculating may disrupt the process. 
4. Verify the that the report within The Financial Edge is considering the same criteria that F9 is considering or vice versa.
         a. Are both reports including the same post statuses?
         b. Are both reports including or excluding inactive accounts?
         c. Are both reports including or excluding inactive projects?

Note: You may review the filters within F9 by clicking F9 Set Up > Company Information and navigating to the Options tab.
Note: For Financial Reports, F9 does not mock close revenues and expenses like the Financial Edge reports. It only takes into account the last hard closed fiscal year, because the actual closing of the net surplus/deficit does not take place until the year is hard closed.

The F9 integration is now supported by Infor. Questions regarding resources, functionality, or troubleshooting with the F9 solution can be directed to Infor Support.