This error can appear due to a number of reasons regarding the formatting of the code, to missing elements, to outdated tracking scripts. If this error appears, perform the following until it resolves:
  1. The Site Tracking section in NetCommunity (under AdministrationSites & settings > [your site]) does not support HTML comment tags. If there are any HTML comments in the tracking code, remove them and save the changes.
  2. The current site tracking code may have been updated or replaced with a newer version. If the code has been replaced with a new version, copy all of the updated code from your analytics provider's website and replace the old code.
  3. The tracking code may not be compatible with Blackbaud NetCommunity. Disable site tracking by unchecking the Enable site tracking checkbox to see if the issue persists.

If the following does not resolve the issue, Click Chat with Support and reference this article