To launch the utility:
  1. Select Utilities from the main start page
  2. Click Blackbaud SQL Snapshot Utility
To take a single snapshot:
  1. Enter the appropriate SQL Server instance name in the SQL Server box
  2. Click Take Snapshot Now!
To take snaps at a regular interval:
  1. Check the box next to Auto snap every
  2. Enter the appropriate interval
Interpretting the snapshots:
  • The date and time that a snapshot is taken is displayed along the left pane
  • Highlighting the snapshot time will display the SQL activity during that timeframe in the top right panel. Here is a breakdown of the columns displayed in this panel:
SPID - Current user process that is running the statement
Host - Machine that executed the request. This will typically be the web server for Infinity applications
LoginName - Login that executed the request. This will typically be the account that the application pool is running under on the web server.
NT User
Last Batch Age (s)
last batch
login time
Last wait type
Total Elapsed Time
  • Highlighting the statement will display the entire SQL in the bottom pane on the Current SQL tab
To save snapshots:
  1. Click the Save icon
  2. Select a location and filename
  3. Click Save
To load an existing snapshot:
  1. Click the Load from file icon
  2. Browse to the XML file
  3. Click Open

To clear all current snaps:
  1. Click the Clear icon
  2. Click Yes at the prompt