There are two ways to remove a Dashboard from sharing if its creator has been deleted:
  • Run the Remove Dashboards utility: How to run Remove Dashboards utility. This utility removes ALL created dashboard panels for selected users. 
  • Recreate the user group that the Dashboard is shared with:
  1. In The Raiser's Edge, navigate to Admin > Security.
  2. Open the group that had the Dashboard shared to it. 
  3. Select File > Save and New to copy the group.
  4. Assign all previous group members to this new group.
  5. Review the Group Privileges and Rights.
  6. Remove the group members from the previous group.
  7. Delete the group that now no longer has members.
  8. Repeat for each group that had the dashboard available. 

As the Dashboards are shared by security group, and the groups that originally had access to the dashboards will no longer exist in the database, the dashboards will not appear as available to select for sharing by any users.