1.  Open the appropriate query.
2.  Set the Soft Credit Recipients option to "Recipient."


1.  Create a Constituent, Dynamic query.
2.  On the Criteria tab, select Summary Information > Summary for Gift > Total Amount of Gifts (choose the appropriate Operator).
3.  On the Filters tab of the Summary Information, select the appropriate Fund ID (or Campaign ID, Appeal ID).
4.  Save the query.
5.  Create a Gift, Dynamic query.
6.  On the Criteria tab, select Funds > Fund ID equals and select the appropriate Fund (Campaign or Appeal).
7.  Save the query.
8.  Create a new Constituent export.
9.  Click Include > Selected Records and bring in the Constituent query.
10.  On the Output tab, select Gifts > Gift Amount.
11.  On the Gift Criteria window, enter the number of gifts you wish to export on the General tab.
12.  On the Gift Criteria window, click on the Filters tab and select query > Include Selected > bring in the Gift query from above and click OK.
13.  Under Gifts > Soft Credits > select Constituent Name and include the number of Soft Credits you want to output for each gift.
14.  Preview the Export or complete the Export by clicking Export Now at the bottom, right-hand corner of the export window.