Note: All instructions below assume integration has already been setup between The Raiser's Edge and ResearchPoint. 

To add one record from The Raiser's Edge into ResearchPoint :
  1. In ResearchPoint click Home in the upper left
  2. Set the first drop down to "Search all saved prospects".
  3. Enter the name of the Constituent.
  4. Click Search
  5. If the record is only in Raiser's Edge, Click Add to RP. If there is a ResearchPoint record already, open that record and click 'Link with RE' to link the existing ResearchPoint record with the existing Raiser's Edge record. 

To add a group (query) of records from The Raiser's Edge to ResearchPoint:

: The query in The Raiser's Edge MUST Meet the following

  1. The Query must be a Constituent, Dynamic query; that has been made from scratch. Merged queries, or queries copied from another query cannot be brought into ResearchPoint via integration.
  2. On the Output Tab, you MUST ONLY have System Record ID and nothing else. This can be found from the Constituent Information section of the query designer.
  3. Your query may not contain more than 2,000 constituents - Queries returning more than 2,000 constituents may cause an error and cause the connection to timeout.

Now in ResearchPoint: 

  1. Click The Prospects Tab 
  2. Click Add List from RE
  3. Search for the RE query to import into ResearchPoint.  
  4. On the Import group screen, chose to create a new List (name the list) or add to an existing group.

    NOTE: Constituents linked to records in ResearchPoint are added to the list. Constituents not yet linked in ResearchPoint appear in a window, and there is a choice to add all unlinked records or search for a possible existing constituent record in ResearchPoint.      
  • If a record in the Raiser's Edge query has a ResearchPoint record and they are linked, then the record will be added to your list, not new record is created. 
  • If a record in your query does NOT have a ResearchPoint record, you can choose to add it as a new record. 
  • If a record in your query has a ResearchPoint record but they are not linked together, you will need to click search to find that ResearchPoint record and link it to the Raiser's Edge record in the query. If you do not search for the record and new record will be added and you run the possibility of ending up with duplicate records in ResearchPoint.