Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

1. In the Export module, create a new Student Export in the export format Comma Separated Values
2. On the Filters tab, in the Students filter, choose Selected.  Select Query in the Include field. Click the binocular icon to the right of the Query name field.
3. Select an existing query of the records you would like to add the note to, or create a new query grouping together these records by selecting the Add a New Query icon.  Ensure that the student who has the note on his record is included in the query.
4. On the Output tab, expand Student, and double click to select Import ID.
5. Expand Notes, and double click to select Notes with formatting.  A new Notes window appears; select number of Notepads to export: 1.  Choose Selected Notepads, and select the desired note type.
6. Add additional Note output fields Type, Description, and any other note fields you would like to export.
7. Select Export Now, saving the file to your desktop.
8. Open the .csv file; students who do not have the note on their records yet should show blank note fields.  The record you originally added the note to should have this information in the file.  Copy these note fields to all students in the file, then delete the original student from the file so he does not receive a duplicate note.  Save and close the .csv file.
9. In Administration, Import, create a new Note import.  On the General tab, select Import new records, Validate data only.  In the Import file field, select the file saved in step 8. 
10.  Select the Fields tab and map the fields - ensure that the information in the Field to Import column matches the selection in the Import Field column (ex. match Import ID to Import ID).
12. Validate the import.  If there are any exceptions, review and address them.  Once there are no exceptions on the validation, import.